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Friday, December 9, 2011

Order experiment from Russian Exist.Ru

As you probably may know (or not) that Israeli auto-market is too expensive for normal people.

Let's take for example my try to get original dust and pollen filter. In Skoda Netanya when I asked about replacement part at 15K service they said from 2 types of filter, they import in Israel only the simple one and it costs 133 NIS. Now, i was told that in central Champion's storage it could be cheaper. This is the call log:
Me - I'm looking for dust and pollen filter for my Skoda Fabia
Sk - What is the licence number?
Me - 12-345-67 
Sk - For your car it will cost you 160 NIS without VAT (186 NIS total).
Me - What is exactly the type of it? I know there are two types. 
Sk - We have only this, I can't tell you part number - company policy. Come here to see it.
Me - WTF? I can't come from Netanya just to check it
Sk - I can't help you...
Me- Can you look at least is it black or white?
Sk - I don't know if I have it here... Wait... It's white...

As we see, in Petah Tikva, central Champion's storage the same filter 6Q0 820 367 dust and pollen filter costs 186 NIS, but in Netanya Skoda's garage it's 133 NIS. Funny right? And also recall that more advanced version of this filter 6R0 819 653 pollen filter with odor and harmful substances filtration can be ordered for about 300+ NIS.

So I knew about this parts store in Russia - Exist.Ru. This store is a part of Temot International the aftermarket value network. The problem was I have no idea how to manage it from Israel. And I decide to try it.

I placed the following order via internet site.
Part #MakeDescriptionPrice*, NIS
03C 115 561 DVAGoil filter60
N 908 132 02VAGplug with seal8
1K0 201 051 KVAGfuel filter with pressure regulator147
6R0 819 653VAGpollen filter with odor and harmful substances filtration130
DMA 710 002VAG1 set of luggage nets for luggage compartment150
HFA 381 038VAGaerosil spray candy white40
HFB 380 083VAGpaint touch-up stick shadow grey35
* - this is final price including all money conversions and delivery costs

Now that's how it worked:
1. Nov 15th I send money via Western Union to my sister.
2. Nov 19th I submitted the order.
3. Nov 21st my sister in Moscow went to their office and paid money for whole order.
4. Dec 2nd all items were ready. Most of them were ready at Nov 24th.
5. Dec 5th I meet a man in Ben Gurion airport that took the package for me.
Not bad, right? Next time, if I will not find someone to bring me package, I gonna test shitty Russian post service.

This way prices at least 2 times cheaper. I also checked in few local stores (not Champion's) for several parts and they don't have it at all.

If you have someone flying at least one time in month from Moscow to Ben Gurion - contact me, we can arrange our paid delivery with black jack and... you know ;-)

Should be 1K0 201 051 K - fuel filter with pressure regulator (remark: 6.6 BAR)
I got 1K0 201 051 C filter with 6.4 bar pressure instead of 1K0 201 051 K with 6.6 bar as shown in ETKA. But I will send it back for replacement soon.
UPDATE: filter already sent, the right one on the way to me.

03C 115 561 D - oil filter and N 908 132 02 - plug with seal (remark: M14X1,5X22)

6R0 819 653 - pollen filter with odor and harmful substances filtration (model: PR-2V5)

DMA 710 002 - 1 set of luggage nets for luggage compartment (model: square back)

HFA 381 038 - aerosil spray candy white (remark: 1026/F9E/9P9P)
Also, i don't know whey the put green square sticker when it's white color...

HFB 380 083 - paint touch-up stick shadow grey (remark: 9154/F5X/5T5T)


  1. Hi, well done for this blog,i.html

    I am going to get my new Fabia next month. I found this web site and they deliver to Israel too. it seems chepear from the Russian option. take a look and advice.
    thanks for this blog.

    1. I checked every item from this delivery - not exists on that site. Prices are good, but not cheaper than at Exist.

      Which Fabia you are waiting for? Same as mine?

  2. היי,
    אחלה בלוג, מאוד אינפורמטיבי, גם לי יש פאביה TSI
    האם אתה מכיר אתר בחו"ל שכן שולח לארץ חלקי חילוף כמו פילטרים?

    1. Yes,

      If you need filter for air conditioner - I got 2 spare. Oil filters you can get here in garage. 2 air filters are coming from Czech Republic now, should get them in few days.