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Monday, March 11, 2013

Hankook Ventus V12 evo at CheckUp

Tyres were replaced. I chose Hankook mostly because of friends recommendations and web reviews.
Also, I found few places where I wanted to do tyres, but only CheckUp were fast with answer.

I called to TireClub (turns out that CheckUp is the same) - they said we will call you back next day or two with proposal - wtf? :-)

Toyo and Falken are from Japan. Toyo should be also great, but more noisy. Falken seems ok too, but less points like Toyo vs Hankook. You can check my prev post for more information.

So I made a call to order Hankook and next day they will bring tires from supplier. And that's what happened on next day, no shit. I took my Fabia to ChackUp Netanya (great advantage when working from home :-)

Met great guy Sharon. When you look on his hands, you will understand a lot :-) he knows what he do. I should mention they have renewed tire shop less than a year - it wasn't CheckUp before, so new fancy place, new equipment, people may be same, I don't know. You have big window to watch how they work, coffee, tea - that's what you paying for here :-) and of course additional services (will see later).

Important to check manufacture date on tires before they start work on it. New tires are okay if less than a year since production date. These were week 23 of 2012 - almost middle of 2012, on edge I would say.

Key was passed, vehicle was lifted

And this was new to me - TireSaver. They plug all 5 (4 + spare) wheels and fill with nitrogen. About that, if it's for free - go for it, otherwise - outside air is fine too and free. See Is Nitrogen Better than Air in Car Tires?

Next, they offer you brake and wheels alignment with discount. I never did the last, so I wanted it anyway - it's more than 2 years passed, you should do that once a year for proper maintenance.
As far as I know, they use modern equipment from Hunter's - HawkEye.

Brake stand at front, wheels alignment - lifted car

Brakes are fine, wheels alignment was a bit off on front left wheel (see red color).
Brakes result can be compared with another one I did on annual inspection 3 month ago.

Before I go for new tire pictures, let's finish our bizniz.
4 years warranty. With Israel hot weather 2-3 years and tire is dry, throw it for you safety. But I know one guy he already 8 years on same tires :-)

The bill - 2,366 NIS


Sharon make me happy with green caps or maybe that's from TireSaver whatever. They looks great, match green plastic caps on wheels.

Why I would recommend CheckUp (they not paid me and no discounts :-)
- free nitrogen (including spare wheel), free filling for tire life at all branches
- new equipment and tools
- up to 6 payments on credit card without interest
- new valve stems and cool caps, no need to remind
- lounge zone with drinks
- extra services for free for a year or whole tire life (tire rotation, free tire puncture fix, spare tire replacement on the way if 20km from on of branches)
- brakes test in place
- wheels alignment test in place with new equipment
- no scratches (almost :-) on rims from tools
- nice people, thanks Sharon!

Video from Eric the Car Guy on changing wheels.
Btw, I'm not sure if they cleaned rim from dirt so tire can seal properly, but everything is looking good.

Update (2014-06-25)
This is how it was before CheckUp was built. Found on Google Street View, dated Dec 2011

40 600 km | 2Y 3M